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Restoration Project Financials

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Church Restoration Donations
Honoring Our Past - Investing in Our Future
What an amazing journey!!!

Please pray that God will continue to bless us as we Honor our Past and Invest in our Future. Please continue to donate generously as we

Chancel Banners 12
Cross Memorial 1
Door Memorial 2
Light Fixture Memorials 39
Stained Glass Memorials 2

Click in table above to view contributors.


Memorial TreeMemorial Tree of Life - To recognize restoration donations given for specific items such as siding, roofing, windows, doors etc, we will be placing a Memorial Tree of Life in the foyer of our Church when restorations are complete.  Our tree of life will be a sculpture of a large oak tree filled with memorial leaves on a base of stones inscribed with the name of your loved one(s).

Please note that there will also be a Memorial Book with the name of contributors and the name of those whose memory donations were made.

** Click here to view pictures of Phase-2 of our renovation progress **

** Click here to view pictures of Phase-1 of our renovation progress **


All Saints Church

On February 17, 2011 we received a mandate from our Parishoners to renovate the current church building, and to appoint a committee to prepare a plan for this project.  The first step in fulfilling our mandate was to look for person(s) with the necessary skills to prepare and implement this plan.  We are pleased to announce that Mr. Steven Porter has agreed to head up All Saints Renovation Committee, a sub-committee of Vestry.  He is well respected in the construction industry, and will bring to this committee the skills necessary to ensure the success of this project. His team consists of Tony Gosse, Renee Haines, Heber Best, David Rideout, Craig Noseworthy, and David Butler.

The success of this project will also depend on your gifts of time, talent and treasure.   We ask that you make your financial contributions by placing them in a plain envelope containing "Church Renovations", "your name" and "envelope number", and "amount enclosed".  We ask that you step up to the plate and help out with the many functions taking place at All Saints: some will be specifically for renovations and others will be for the day to day operations.

Each and every one of us has a role to play in the successful completion of this major project.  Don’t sit back and hope that someone else does what you are capable of doing. Every little bit counts.

It's an exciting time for our Parish as people step up to volunteer their time, talent and treasure to build up God's Kingdom.  We have been thrilled with the excitement and enthusiasm that we have witnessed since this meeting.

As this committee firms up its plans and sets some firm targets, we will provide you with continuous updates.

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