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2012 Phase-2 Church Renovation Project Contributions & Fundraising




Light Fixture Memorials to Renovation Fund

Your contributions for your memorials are greatly appreciated, and we thank you so much!!


Light Fixture Memorials & Thank Offerings to Date - 39

  • Remembering our precious granddaughter Juliana Violet Gracia de Paredes on December 14, 2014 - by Peter & Violet Mason

  • Mom & Dad, Noah & Mary Porter - love Aura who celebrated her 65th birthday on July 24

  • Rev Sam, celebrating his birthday - by Christina, Chad, Justin, Jennifer, Patrick & Seth

  • Raymond & Emma Fagan - by daughters Margret, Violet, Louise, Maire & Brenda

  • Monchy Morgan, remembering her death June 30 - by Elaine, Dot, Sherry, Della & Carl

  • Edmund & Lizzie Rideout, Charles & Sarah Bussey - by David & Debbie Bussey

  • George Evans, 85th birthday - by George & Clarissa Hiscock

  • JoAnne Watton, birthday - by Ida Elizabeth Peachy

  • Noah Porter & Charles Butler,Father's Day - by Sam & Christina Butler

  • Harvey Petten - by Effie Petten

  • Mona Wilkins - by Violet Butler

  • Phoebe & Don Smith, 60th Anniversary - by Violet & Calvin Butler

  • Dr. Richard D. Fagan, M.D. who passed away at the age of 25 years on June 14,
    2012 - by The Honorable Frank and Pat Fagan

  • Eric Dodge, 80th birthday on June 03 - by Don & Gladys Nippard

  • Jeffrey W. Rideout, remembering his death on May 15th, 1997 - by Dad, Mom , Angela, Shawn and families

  • Harvey Petten - by wife Effie and family

  • Don and Phoebe Smith on their 60th wedding anniversary - by Marg and Gerald Dawe

  • Don and Phoebe Smith on their 60th wedding anniversary by Robert and Minnie Gullage

  • Our 60th wedding anniversary by Donald and Phoebe Smith

  • James Jefford, remembering his death on May 01, 1996 and Matilda Jefford, remembering her death on April 26, 2012 - by Ruby, Rod, Angela, Olivia and Madison

  • A wonderful Mom, Nan and Grandnan Alice Petten, in our hearts forever - by Norman, Maisie, Ettie and families

  • Phyllis Bowering, remembering her death on April 18, 2005 - by Glenn, Terry and Janice

  • Robbie Bishop - by Emma Bishop

  • Robbie Bishop - by Emma Bishop

  • Marie Petten - by her husband Spencer Petten

  • Alfred & Nina Petten - by Spencer Petten

  • George Petten - remembering his birthday on March 30 - by Alma, Lori, Angela, Terry, Tyra and Haylee

  • Carla Fagan - by Cindy, Ed and Jessica Butler

  • Nicholas Petten, remembering his death on March 8, 1979 - by Florence Petten and family

  • Gerald & Ruby McDonald and Norman & Winnie Ball - by Albert of Ruby Ball

  • Friend Beryle Martin, remembering her death February 14 - by Barb Tilley

  • Hubert Fagan remembering his death on January 31 1997 - by wife Hilda and children Ern, David, Rick, Madonna and Reg and families

  • Stella Kennedy and Charles Kennedy remembering their deaths - by daughter Delilah and Cecil and Wade Baird


  • Peter and Emily Bussey, Thomas, Susan, Abram and Chesley Batten - by Fed and Ella Batten

  • Robert 'Bobby' Fagan - by wife Margaret Fagan

  • Bradley M. Dawe remembering his death on January 13 - by William Dawe and Family

  • Max Butler and Phyllis Greeley - by Barb and Robert

  • Parents Gerald and Annie Porter - by daughters Judy, Brenda, Elizabeth and Geraldine

  • From the Mercer Family

  • From Saints Alive Band



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