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Chancel Banners

ChurchOn Sunday, April 27th, we announced in our Candle that we were offering an opportunity to donate something new in memory of a loved one.  We told you that we had ordered six new banners for our Chancel, each depicting the names of Jesus.  Each had a cost of $250.

By Wednesday of that week we had Parishioners committing to honor their loved ones, and had paid for the six beautiful banners. What a testament to the commitment of our All Saints Anglican Church Parish CBS family.

  • Our Father Who Art In Heaven - donated by Bob, Tinamarie, & Bob for blessings received

  • Rock of Salvation - donated by Sons Of Thunder

  • Good Shepherd - donated by Perry, Cathy, & Colby in memory of Mervyl Taylor

  • The Resurrection and the Life - donated by Violet Butler & Family in memory of Brother & Uncle George W. Fowler

  • Author And Perfecter of our Faith - donated by Sandra & Graham Taylor and Julia Batten, in memory of Chesley Batten, James J. Batten and Alfred & Emma Taylor

  • King of Glory - donated by Linda, Donna Lynn, Heather, Jennifer & Families in memory of Roy Greeley Jr

  • In memory of parents Alex and Belinda Rideout, brother Harvey Rideout and wife Marie Rideout, and brother Ernest and family - byElva Petten

  • In memory of husband Gordon Petten, children Diane Petten, Baby Petten, Gary and Lynette.  Also in honour of Randy, Barbara, Desmond and grandchildren - by Elva Petten

  • In honor of Cynthia Bishop celebrating her 70th birthday on May 3 - by Jeffrey, Dana, Neil, Rosemarie, Derrick, Lenora and Denene

  • In memory of James Jefford, remembering his death May 1, 1996 and Matilda Jefford, remembering her death April 26, 2012 - by Bill, Rita, Kirsten, and Mitchell Haynes

  • In memory of George Mercer - by Jean Mercer, Jeffrey Mercer, Randy Mercer, Larry Mercer, Rodney Mercer and Families

  • In memory of Departed Members - by LOL Lodge # 81 and RBP Lodge # 966

Bread of Life

He is Risen

King of Kings

Lamb of God

Light of the World

Prince of Peace

Please do not sit back and hope that someone else does what you are capable of doing.  Every little bit counts.



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