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What if I have already donated to the "Future Fund : New Church Building Fund" ??

ChurchWe are discovering that many parishoners are getting excited as they continue to hear more about the current activities surrounding our renovation project.  And they have been wondering about money they have already contributed to the Future Fund.

If you have previously donated to the "Future Fund : New Church Building Fund", and would like to have that money redirected to our current renovation project, as many others have done, we would be very happy to make that happen for you. However, you can rest assured that unless you specifically request to have your money tranferred, it will remain in the "Future Fund : New Church Building Fund" as you originally intended.

The process to make this formalized request is very simple. You merely need to drop by the Church office and sign a form authorizing the transfer of your previous contribution. We have financial records of all contributions made to this fund, and we will verify the total of your contributions before making the transfer.

As of June 28, 2011 we have received requests to transfer $28,815.56, which was 39.3% of the Future Fund.

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