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St. George's Day Cold Plates - Our cold plates are coming up on April 21 & 22.  Anyone that can help in preparations or selling cold plates, please let the office or Aura know you will be available.  Your help would be much appreciated. Contact info: 834-4501 or email

Holy Week at All Saints - Our theme is To Tell the Old Old Story of Jesus and His Love.  Like the old hymn, "I Love to Tell the Story", we will concentrate on the final week of Jesus' life.  We plan to involve many of our congregation in our retelling this timeless story, and we encourage each member of the parish to avail themselves of an opportunity to join in this worship - April 09-14

- Maundy Thursday at 7:00pm we will clebrate Holy Eucharist, commemorating the institution of the Lord's Supper, including a symbolic washing of feet, washing of hands, and the stripping of the Altar.  All members of the Altar Guild are asked to be present to assist in the stripping of the Altar.
- Good Friday at service will begin at 12:00 noon

The Men's Service Club - Our recently elected officials are: Percy Greenslade - President, Bill Haynes - Vice President, Dave Arnott - Secretary and Herb Butler - Treasurer. Please be advised that the Men's Service Club will be resurrecting the Sons of Thunder, and a number of musicians have come forward to assist.  More are welcome.  The group also discussed increasing opportunities for fellowship throughout the year.  Please keep this group in your prayers.

All Saints Tea RoomCome join us at our All Saints Tea Room, for our community luncheon on Wednesdays from 12 noon to 2:00pm, downstairs in All Saints Parish Hall.  

Everyone is welcome, and we invite you to come and join us for food, fun, and fellowship.  The only cost is your time and friendship.  

Going Green with All SaintsAll Saints goes Green - As youth leaders, we want to help our youth grow to their full potential.  We want to empower and encourage our youth to share the love of Christ.  One way to demonstrate the love of God is through reaching out to various charitable organizations throughout the world.  Therefore, the All Saints Youth Ministry Program have a recycling account at the CBS Green Depot.  Anyone interested in donating their recyclables can go to the Green Depot Express, enter 2312232 (when prompted for phone number) and then the screen will show All Saints Youth Ministry Outreach Program.  Just label your bags and go.  There is no waiting!

Vacation Bible SchoolVacation Bible School - Boys and Girls, Moms and Dads.  Get your passports ready, because the VBS flight is preparing for the "Passport for Peru", our VBS for 2017.  The dates are set for June 26th - June 30th with our closing on Sunday July 2nd.  The flight crew of our dedicated leaders and junior leaders are eager to set off on this great adventure.  They will be eagerly waiting to guide you through a wonderful week of Bible stories, crafts, games, and also meeting some real life kids whose lives are so different from ours, through the video time.  Keep watching for more information about registration.  This will be the most exciting week of the summer.

What is VBS?  Ask any child in our Church community, and his or her eyes will light up.  It is a week for Vacation Bible School.  It is a week of fun learning: about God and what he means to our lives; about Jesus and his promises of everlasting life; and our connections with them and to each other.  We often have 75-90+ children, ages 3-12 years, from 9:00am- 12:00noon, Monday - Friday.

We have a very dedicated and faithful group of leaders who look forward each year to be a part of the fun, and in many cases to learn from the children.  A very valuable part of our group is our Junior Leaders, age 13 and up.  The younger children love them, and they do a wonderful job each year.  VBS is a week filled with stories, music, games, crafts, videos, laughter, and very tasty snacks, and loaded with fellowship and fun.  It has been a part of All Saints for over 30 years.  If you would like to share in all this excitement, let us know at the Office at 834-4501, or Helen at 834-3325.  You will have a very rewarding week, and want to come back next year for sure.  Registration for the children will be announced at a later date.

Visitation at Home is just as important to us as it is to you.  Unfortunately sometimes we are unaware of your situation - if you are unable to attend Sunday worship and would like to see your clergy, please let us know.  You may call the office and leave your name and telephone number, and we will promptly get back to you to arrange a visit.

Home VisitationChaplaincy Services at Hospitals in St. John's - When you are being admitted to a hospital in St. John's you will be asked, "While you are admitted to hospital, would you like to have a visit from a chaplain or pastoral care worker?"  Be sure to say "Yes" if you would like a pastoral visit.  You will then be asked to identify your religion, and your name will be added to the chaplain's visitation list, and you will then receive a visit from the denominational chaplain within a day or two.

Beyond the Altar Rail is a ministry that we offer to members who are experiencing a short-term illness that is preventing them from attending our Holy Eucharist on Sunday mornings.  To ensure that you get to receive with your faith community, we will send a Eucharistic Assistant to your home with the bread and wine during the service.  All you need to do is to get your request into us on or before the Thursday prior to the service. Call us at 834-4501

Invite SomeoneWho are the people in your neighbourhood? - Young families with children may live next door to you!!  Please take a moment to say hello, and maybe drop them off a copy of our Candle.  You might also consider inviting them to join our Sunday School.  Who knows - they may just be waiting to be invited.

Food BankPlease do not forget your local FOOD BANK - Items needed include: Meatballs and gravy, tin fruit, tin stews, tin milk, sugar, sidekicks, tin pasta (zoodles, spaghetti), cereal, Mr Noodle, rice, powdered juice (tang), crackers, and Chef Boyardee.  Special needs - flour, soup, crackers, and cookies.  Financial contributions are gratefully accepted as well.

Mary Butler, the coordinator for All Saints, can be reached at 834-6327

Sponsor our Weekly Candle - If you wish to have the full Candle dedicated to a loved one, please mark your donation envelope as "Full Candle" when submitting your memorial.  The memoriam will be prominently placed on the front page of The Candle. We ask for a minimum donation of $25.  Also, remember your Birthday or Anniversary with a Thank offering to All Saints Parish or remember a loved one with a Memorial donation.

Work PartyProperty & Plans will be having a work day each week on Thursdays from 8:30am to 12:00 noon. We would appreciate your help, and we guarantee you will have lots of fun and laughs, and maybe even a cup of tea or coffee.

Contact Dave Butler or the Office at 834-4501, or just show up !!!

Youth Choir - We are going to start a Youth Choir at All Saints..  If you are interested in joining, please contact the office @ 834-4501, or via email
CateringCatering Team : New Members Required - We have had a busy few weeks in our kitchen, and we would like to thank everyone who volunteers their time to help out with the many catered functions taking place.  This very important ministry could not happen without your continued support.  Anyone who is able to join our team, please call the office @ 834-4501. We sure could use the additional help.
Liturgical Planners Needed - We are looking for people to join our Liturgical Planning Team. If you are interested in helping to plan our services, please call the Parish Office @ 834-4501.
The Prayer Chain Ministry encourages prayer for the needs of the people.  The prayer request is confidential information, and meant for members of the Prayer Chain only.  To join this ministry call 834-5960.  To request prayers through the Prayer Chain call the office at 834-4501

Reasons To Support Your Church? - Your weekly offerings support spiritual development, youth ministries, pastoral care, and worship.  It pays for electricity, oil, photocopies, computers, and telephone service.  It is the salary for a caretaker, a secretary, and two full time clergy.  It maintains our Parish Hall and our Church building.  It enables us to provide space for the Guiding Movement, Al -anon , CLB, Sunday School, Old Comrades, ACW, and the many other groups / individuals to gather.  It ensures that our church doors are open for weddings, baptisms, confirmations, funerals and regular weekly worship services.  A portion of your contribution goes toward hospital and University Chaplaincy, Labrador Ministry, and Queen's College.  Your contributions make ministry possible within this community and beyond.

** click any title above to view additional information, if available**

Church We are so delighted that you have chosen to visit our website, and to give us the opportunity to share in the excitement we have here at All Saints Parish.  We pray that you will see the bright beautiful vision we have of God’s Church.

Our first Church building was opened in 1842, and some 90 years later Reverend H.V. Whitehouse opened our present Church building on November 27, 1932.  It was constructed by the tireless hard work and free labour of it's Parishoners, lead by two master builders, a Mr William Henry Batten, and a Mr Stevens.

    Our Vision - We are a vibrant Christian Community transformed through the power of Jesus Christ.  We are a Church that is intensely Kingdom focused, fervently praying, compassionately loving people, and relentlessly pursuing God’s presence.

    Our Mission - To lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through Christian  Education, Pastoral Care, Outreach and Fellowship.

    Our Values - Faith in Jesus Christ, Passion for the Gospel, Respect for all people, Kindness, Honesty, Spiritual Growth, and Worship as a privilege and power of meeting God together with other believers' Community

We are - a place of life and opportunities,a gathering of Jesus Christ’s followers, a growing community,a place for people to explore and develop their faith, a place where people who lead busy lives can be refreshed,a centre for worship in various styles.

Our Ministries - Both Lay and Ordained work together to fulfill our call to ministry through a variety of means including - Alongsider’s Prayer Ministry, Anglican Church Women,Baptismal Preparation,Beyond the Altar Rail, Bible Studies, Café Experience, Choir, Church Lads Brigade, Follow Up, Funeral Receptions,Home Visitation, Marriage Preparation, Meals on Wheels, Men’s Fellowship, Messy Church, Mission and Outreach, Praise Bands, Prison Ministry, Servers Guild, Stewardship, and Sunday School

Yes, we are indeed a family of worshipping Christians, dedicated to Christian Education, Spiritual Growth, Pastoral Care, Outreach and Fellowship.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this website, please contact the webmaster via email at




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