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Phase One - Exterior

Church A project of this size is indeed a major undertaking, and to ensure its success, we will be breaking the overall renovation project into several phases.

The Core Team has reviewed the various reports and have completed their own inspection.  They have decided that Phase-One will focus on the most presssing issue - the need to secure the exterior of the building.  

They have set a target completion date of November 2011, which is a good date, and should be easily attainable.  However, we will need your help.

Work to be completed in Phase-One:

  1. Make the necessary repairs to the foundation
  2. Replace the existing shingles with metal roofing
  3. Replace existing siding with commercial grade siding
  4. Replace the existing windows with new energy efficient vinyl windows
  5. Replace existing old doors with new energy efficient entry doors


Please continue to contribute to the Renovations Fund
Phase One

Renovation Contributions



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