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Meet the Renovation Team
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Church On February 17, 2011 we received a mandate from our Parishoners to renovate the current church building, and to appoint a committee to prepare a plan for this project.

The first step in fulfilling our mandate was to look for people with the necessary skills to prepare and implement our plan.

We are pleased to announce that Steven Porter has agreed to head up our All Saints Renovation Committee, which will act as a sub-committee of Vestry. Steve is well respected in the construction industry, and will bring to this committee the skills necessary to ensure the success of this project.

Steve's core team members consists of Heber Best, David Butler, Tony Gosse, Renee Haines, Craig Noseworthy, and David Rideout.

Any suggestions or concerns that you have should be promptly forwarded to this Team. Your input is always welcome and encouraged. While you may not sit on the core team, there are many ways in which you can help.

The success of this project will also depend on your gifts of time, talent and treasure.   We ask that you make your financial contributions by placing them in a plain envelope containing "Church Renovations", "your name" and "envelope number", and "amount enclosed".  We ask that you step up to the plate and help out with the many functions taking place at All Saints: some will be specifically for renovations and others will be for the day to day operations.

Each and every one of us has a role to play in the successful completion of this major project.  

Please do not sit back and hope that someone else does what you are capable of doing. Every little bit counts.

Contributions            Phase One Status

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