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Office Hours :: Monday-Friday, 8:00am-2:00pm :: Pastoral Care - 24 hours

For after-hours business issues please call Aura Farrell at 682-3775, or Percy Greenslade at 682-1180

Laughing child

January 29, 2023 - 4th Sunday after Epiphany

Jesus preached the gospel of the kingdom and healed every infirmity among the peopleMatthew 4: 2 

Scripture Readings: Isaiah 9: 1-4; Psalm 27: 1, 4-9; 1 Corinthians 1: 10-18; Matthew 4: 12-23

Valentine Luncheon and Card Game

The ACW of All Saints Parish CBS are hosting a Valentine Luncheon & Card Game on Thursday February 16th, starting at 12:00 noon.  The Meal is just $15, and the Card Game is $5. 

We will be serving a cold plate, dessert, tea and coffee.   Please contact Barb at 834-4795 or Enid at 682-9367.  Also, we ask that you please pass this along to family and friends – All are welcome.

Our AGM is set for Sunday, March 12th, starting with coffee, tea, and sandwiches at 5:30pm, followed by the Congregational Meeting at 6:30pm.  In order to permit time for the compilation of our Parish Annual Report, all Committees are asked to have their reports submitted to the Parish Office by February 19th.  There are a number of positions on Vestry open for election and appointment, so if you are interested you need only simply to reach out to any existing Vestry member to put your name forward.  This is YOUR meeting, and we encourage all parishioners to attend as we review our past successes, and plan for our future growth in the upcoming year.

2022 Offertory Income Tax Receipts

The 2022 Income Tax Receipts will be printed for distribution on Thursday.  If you would like your receipt emailed instead of picking it up at the Church or the Office, or being mailed via Canada Post, please let us know at External link opens in new tab or windowfinance@allsaintsparish.ca as soon as possible.  You must include your full name in your email.

2023 Offertory Envelopes

There are still some 2023 Offertory Envelopes to be picked up in the Church vestibule on Sunday mornings. 

Please check the printed list provided to see if you are actually required to pick up replacement envelopes. 

If you have any questions please call our Office at 834-4501, or email office@allsaintsparish.ca

For Reflection - by Rev Hobbs

Manifest plainness - embrace simplicity - reduce selfishness - have few wants.     Chinese Saying

The Joys and Rewards of Volunteering

We have six ladies from All Saints Parish who take part in the School Breakfast Program at St. George's School.  The final breakfast serving before school holidays was one week before Christmas.  Just as the team was finishing up, a young girl from grade two or three came to one of the ladies and held out her hand holding two loonies.  She told her, "My friend and I want you to have this".  It brought tears to that lady's eyes as she gave her a hug and thanked her.  After the children left, the lady went to the office and gave the money to be put in a fundraiser ticket bottle for school supplies.


What a wonderful story of the presence of God in our lives and of God using us to carry out His work here on earth.  It is amazing how He continues to place us where He needs us to be.  He sent those ladies to that school to bring breakfast to children who otherwise would go hungry.  In return, the ladies received blessings in abundance.  Just as Jesus called His disciples to carry out His work so many years ago, so He continues to call us today to do His work here on earth.  Let us pray that our hearts will be open to continue responding to His call.

Join Our Servers Team

We are inviting anyone who is confirmed, and who is interested in becoming a server, including all former servers, to join our revived Server Team.  For further information, please contact Gerry Fagan 834-5303 or Joanne Simfukwe 682-8103.

God at Work Through Our Youth

 A "new" thing is happening at All Saints CBS – our Youth Ministry has taken on a new post-COVID look.  Since the fall has begun, we have rebranded our Sunday School program, and have launched our new Kidz Klub.  We hope to have great success in this program as the year progresses.  Go to our website to read our exciting report.  If you would be interested in helping out with this rewarding ministry, or if you have any questions, please contact Joanne at External link opens in new tab or windowjoannesimfukwe@gmail.com or 682-8103

All Saints Communications Team

We just wanted to remind you that we have a “Communications Team” in place at All Saints.  We all need to be mindful that the lines of communication must be kept open so that all information gets broadcasted by whatever tools we have available to us in our Parish.  If you feel something needs to be addressed by our Communications Team, please feel free to send us an email, and we will attempt to address it in a timely manner, or perhaps get it out there through The Candle, our FaceBook page, our Webpage, or our Roadside Bulletin Board.   Our e-mail address is External link opens in new tab or windowcommunications@allsaintsparish.ca

Parish Hall Available for Rentals

External link opens in new tab or windowOur Parish Hall is once again available for any and all types rentals.  We encourage you to pass this along to family, friends, and any business associates that you feel might have a need that we can fill.  External link opens in new tab or windowClick here to view our rental brochure.

Digital Roadside Bulletin Board

All Saints is very active in our community and beyond, and it is important that we reach as many people as possible.  Our list of mission work is very extensive: Liturgical Services, Mission & Outreach, our weekly Tea Room fellowship, our various fundraising activities including Take-Out Dinners and Craft Fairs, Catering, Hall Rentals, as well as community service events such as Blood Donor Clinics, Flu Shot Clinics, COVID vaccination clinics, and the list goes on.  And there is also the opportunity for a new revenue stream by selling public advertisement space.  To date we have collected $8,490 towards an ‘expected target’ of $45,000. We welcome your generous support.

Anglican Life is the Tri-Diocesan newspaper for the three dioceses across Newfoundland & Labrador.  Your subscription will get you (1) stories and photographs from our many contributors; (2) regular and guest columnists providing spiritual and thought-provoking insight on a variety of topics; (3) and your subscription includes The Anglican Journal, the newspaper for the Anglican Church of Canada, bringing you news from across the country and beyond.  If you are a member of one of our congregations, you can receive the Church’s newspaper for free by emailing anglicanlifenl@gmail.com or by calling Rev Fred Marshall, Officer of the Anglican Joint Committee, at 709)-727-4346.  (221106)

Birthday Sunday - 1st Sunday Every Month

Out traditional “Birthday Sunday”, which is held on the first Sunday of every month, has returned.   

This is a time when we as a Parish Family acknowledge all those who are celebrating a birthday in the new month.  So if you know of someone celebrating a birthday, let us know, and we will post it on our live stream on that Birthday Sunday.

Holy Baptism – 2nd Sunday of Every Month

We are delighted to announce that Holy Baptism has returned to be a part of our regular Sunday morning service.  This is a great opportunity to welcome new families into our Parish as we ‘Pass the Light’ to these young children. Tentative days are October 9th, November 13th, and December 11th.

Would You Like to Get More Involved in Your Parish

All Saints has witnessed many changes in our Church over the past three years, and in our efforts to move forward within our “new normal”, we are hoping to rebuild our numerous groups and ministries.  Each Team provides an opportunity for fun and fellowship.  We look forward to seeing you as a member of one of these wonderful Ministerial Teams:  Altar Guild, Communications, Eucharist Assistant, Funeral Reception, Lectern Reader, Liturgical Planner, Offertory Counter, Server (must be confirmed), Sides Person, Greeter, and many more.  Simply call our Office at 834-4501 or email us at External link opens in new tab or windowoffice@allsaintsparish.ca.  You may also visit our website at External link opens in new tab or windowallsaintsparish.ca to complete our External link opens in new tab or windowonline form, or download the form for printing and completion, which you can then drop in a collection plate or at the Parish Office.

Men's Fellowship Group Is Back

We are delighted to announce that our Men’s Fellowship group has returned, and we invite others to please join us monthly in our Parish Hall for some renewed fun and fellowship. 

If you have any questions, please contact Percy Greenslade at 682-1180

PWRDF - Ukraine Effort

Ever since the war in Ukraine began on February 24, over five million Ukrainians have been forced to flee their country for safety. 

You can help PWRDF to support Ukrainians with your donations, either by dropping it in our collection plate or our secure dropbox, or by eTransfer to External link opens in new tab or windowdonations@allsaintsparish.ca.

Please be sure to indicate to us that your donation it is for Ukraine.

Join Our Live Streaming Team

There are a growing number of Parishioners, as well as non-Parishioners who depend on our live streaming in order to participate in regular Sunday worship.  We have grown to the stage that we now need to expand beyond our current Team members.  If you are able to help us with this very rewarding ministry, we would love to have you on our Team.  It is not as complicated as you might think, so there is no need to feel intimidated just because you have never been involved in broadcasting before.  Neither were we!!!!  We will sit with you while you get up to speed, and feel comfortable on your own.  If you are able to help in any way, we would very much love to hear from you.  Just drop us a note at External link opens in new tab or windowcommunications@allsaintsparish.ca

Do we have your eMail address ??

Now, more than ever, email is becoming one of the safest and quickest ways for our Parish to keep you informed. If we do not already have you email address on file, and you are not regularly receiving our bulletins and information updates, we would love for your to provide it to us.

Please email it to communications@allsaintsparish.ca, or simply please click here to complete our online email registration form.

All Saints Tea Room

All Saints Tea Room is so glad to be back on track.  We are back up in our attendance – getting close to 100 each Wednesday.  Our menu alternates with *Soup, *Beans & Toutons & Bologna, *Stew, and *Sausage & Mashed Potatoes/Peas/Carrots, and always including a delicious dessert.  Not only do you get an enjoyable meal, but we have great fun and fellowship.  Come and join us some Wednesday from 12:00-1:30.  The Tea Room Team

Alongsiders' Monthly Prayer Schedule

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Our Alongsider's Team would like to make their current monthly prayer services available to you simply by External link opens in new tab or windowclicking here.  To visit all past issues click External link opens in new tab or windowhere.

Alongsiders are members of our Parish who, due to circumstances of sickness, mobility, age, etc., can not physically attend a worship service at our Church.  However, they still want to be part of the worship, and where possible, to help from home.  The Alongsiders program accomplishes this.  Each month, a service for each Sunday is prayerfully put together, similar to the in-Church service, and is then delivered to each Parishioner as part of a home visit.  A vital part of our ministry is ‘praying alongside’ our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Currently we have 14 members in the Parish of All Saints.

Now is a good time to consider signing up to our External link opens in new tab or windoweGiving program, which is an excellent way to continue your financial support of your Parish during this COVID-19 Pandemic.  It is a very quick and easy process.  The quickest and most convenient way is to complete the web-based form here.  As soon as you click the SEND button, your work is done, without even leaving your home!  You may also download a External link opens in new tab or windowprintable authorization form here, and when you have completed the form, you can email it to donations@allsaintsparish.ca  or you can place it in our mail drop-slot, which is located at the top of the stairs, just to the left of the main entrance of our Parish Hall.  If you have External link opens in new tab or windowany questions, please call our Office at 834-4501.


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The Candle - Our Weekly Newsletter

For many years now, our Parish has published our weekly information bulletin, The Candle, that was handed out at each Sunday service.  It was our way to keep our Parishioners informed about what was happening in our Parish, and a medium to seek support when we needed it. 

The Candle, like most other things these days, is now shared digitally, and can be found not only on External link opens in new tab or windowour website, but we also attempt to email it to those for whom we have contact information for.  To get added to that distribution list, simply External link opens in new tab or windowclick here to send us your details.

We would also like to ask you that if you have any items you would like to share, such as birthday greetings (oh how we miss the fun spirit of our Birthday Sundays) or anniversaries, or even an article that you may have seen or read that you feel others might enjoy, please feel free to pass them along to communications@allsaintsparish.ca.   Together we can start "feeling together" once more - if not in body, then in spirit.

Also, as you will note when you read The Candle, you have the opportunity to bring special attention to a loved one by actually sponsoring The Candle for a given week, or even place a full page memorial, complete with a picture.

Offertory Envelopes

Offertory envelopes are always available at the Parish Office.  You may continue to utilize our secure mail drop-slot, which is located at the top of the stairs, just to the left of the main entrance of our Parish Hall.  If you do not have any Church offertory envelopes, please simply use a plain white envelope, and write your name and envelope number (if you know it) on the outside, and then drop it in the drop-slot.


You may also e-Transfer us your offering using your bank’s online Interac service simply by emailing it to External link opens in new tab or windowdonations@allsaintsparish.ca.  We always encourage you to consider signing up for our eGivings program which automatically sends us your offering at whatever interval you choose and are comfortable with.  Please External link opens in new tab or windowclick here to register online, or go to our website and download the External link opens in new tab or windoweGiving application.  If you have External link opens in new tab or windowany questions, please email your Finance Team at External link opens in new tab or windowfinance@allsaintsparish.ca, or call our Office at 834-4501.

Anglican Journal

Click External link opens in new tab or windowhere to view the January 2021edition of the Anglican Journal.  It contains a couple of interesting articles regarding transformations within the Church, and the use of digital technology.  The Anglican Journal is the national newspaper of the Anglican Church of Canada.  Editorially independent, the Journal publishes news, features and opinion related to Anglicanism and religion in Canada and abroad.  Click External link opens in new tab or windowhere to view the General Synod Weekly

Frequently Used Links

For those unable to attend our in-person Church services, we are continuing to pre-record weekly services.  These recordings may be viewed by clicking  External link opens in new tab or windowhere.  To locate the books below, simply click on the blue links.

External link opens in new tab or windowThe Common Lectionary - These readings are from the Anglican Church of Canada’s adaptation of the Revised Common Lectionary

External link opens in new tab or windowThe New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) of The Bible - Be sure to select the NRSV version, which is an English translation of the Bible published in 1989 by the National Council of Churches.

External link opens in new tab or windowThe Book of Alternative Services (BAS)The contemporary, inclusive-language liturgical book used alongside the Book of Common Prayer (1962) (BCP) in most parishes of the Anglican Church of Canada.

External link opens in new tab or windowThe Book of Common Prayer (BCP)The short title of a number of related prayer books used in the Anglican Communion, as well as by other Christian churches historically related to Anglicanism.

Rev Sam's Reflections

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Messages from the Diocese

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There will NOT be any pre-registrations accepted effective December 23, 2021.