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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all services have been cancelled, however, you can view our recorded services by clicking one of the Prayer Books to the left or right.  If you click before the start time you will get a message indicating 'Private Video'.  Simply drop back at the designated start time and you will have access until the following Saturday. 

On August 09, 2020 we celebrate the 10th Sunday after Pentecost.  "Remember the wonders He has done, His miracles, judgements He pronounced".  (Psalm 105: 5)

Click here to view all archived recordings.

Kids Corner

Today’s Gospel reading tells us the story of the Jesus Walking on Water

Please click the Kids Corner button to the left to reach our resource area for a variety of Christian Youth Education activities.  If you would like to be a part of this exciting Ministry, please let us know by clicking here.  Stay tuned for a new craft activity each Sunday....


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Government of Canada COVID-19

Government of Newfoundland and Labrador COVID-19

2020 Flower Services

Due to the continuing COVID-19 Pandemic policy restrictions established by the Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador, we will NOT be holding our traditional open-air Memorial Flower Services this year, which would normally have been July 26th at our Dunns Hill Road cemetery, and August 2nd at our Church Road cemeteries.  Instead, we are making available a pre-recorded Memorial Service that will be available here, commencing on July  26th at 2:00pm.

We appreciate you putting flowers in the cemeteries, however, as per government guidelines, the maximum number of people at the same time is 50.  Please keep in mind to practice social distancing - a minimum of two metres apart when outside your family bubble.

eGivings Program

Now is a good time to consider signing up to our eGiving program, which is an excellent way to continue your financial support of your Parish during this COVID-19 Pandemic.  It is a very quick and easy process.  The quickest and most convenient way is to complete the web-based form here.  As soon as you click the SEND button, your work is done, without leaving your home!  You may also download a printable authorization form here, and when you have completed the form, you can email it to donations@allsaintsparish.ca  or you can place it in our mail drop-slot, which is located at the top of the stairs, just to the left of the main entrance of our Parish Hall.  If you have any questions, please call our Office at 834-4501.

COVID-19 Impacts on All Saints

 We are continually monitoring the latest from the Province's Chief Medical Officer, as well as those of the Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador.

Click here to read Bishop Peddle's 5th Pastoral Letter on COVID-19, dated June 24, 2020

Click here to read "Many Members, One Body (Romans 12:4-5): Guidelines for Safe Practices in Anglican East NL in time of COVID-19"


The following measures were the most current details as of May 11th, as they affect normal activities and policies here at All Saints Parish CBS.  These will be updated shortly

  • All regular Sunday Church services are cancelled, and the current Health authority guidelines suggest it will not be permitted prior to COVID Level 2 - We will continue with our recorded services which are available here, as well as via our Facebook Page, or via our Youtube Channel.
  • Funeral Church services are currently under review - Please check with our Office for the latest details
  • Funeral services at our cemeteries are permitted, however, they are limited to 10 persons, including the clergy and funeral director.  All persons must maintain the recommended safe two meter physical spacing (six feet).  It should be noted that using pall bearers should be avoided, as it does not permit adequate physical distancing.
  • Wedding Church services are currently under review - Please check with our Office for the latest details
  • Our Parish Hall is closed to the public for all activities.  We can be reached during our normal office hours (Monday - Friday, 09:00am - 4:00pm) at 834-4501, or via email at office@allsaintsparish.ca  
  • Our Clergy are always available, and may also be contacted as follows:

    • Rev Sam        689-4501
    • Rev Wayne    764-8833
  • To deliver correspondence to our Office, and to continue with your financial support, we encourage you to utilize our secure drop-box located at the top of the stairs, just to the left of the main entrance of our Parish Hall. 


Regardless of how stressed and worried this pandemic may make you, always remember that God is With Us 

It's been a while since the Watoto children and their leaders were last here at All Saints.  In fact, at that time our Church was undergoing major renovations, and our Altar floor was nothing but bare exposed plywood.  And before they departed, all the Watoto children and their leaders each signed their names on the bare plywood floor.  So in a way, under that bright altar carpet, the Watoto children are still with us.

Watato, through our Mission Team Leader, Joanne, have asked us to share the following links with you:

Alongsiders' Prayer Schedule

Our Alongsider's Team would like to make their monthly prayer services available to you simply by clicking here

Alongsiders are members of our Parish who, due to circumstances of sickness, mobility, age, etc., can not physically attend a worship service at our Church.  However, they still want to be part of the worship, and where possible, to help from home.

The Alongsiders program accomplishes this.  Each month, a service for each Sunday is prayerfully put together, similar to the in-Church service, and is then delivered to each Parishioner as part of a home visit.  A vital part of our ministry is ‘praying alongside’ our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Currently we have 14 members in the Parish of All Saints.

Rector Letters

Rev Wayne:   Letter-1   Letter-2


Rev Sam:  Kindness is Contagious 200610 :: Give Back - Pay It Forward 200516

Bishop Geoff Articles

:: Interview with Andrea Penton 200625 :: 5th Pastoral Letter on COVID-19 (200624) :: Interview with Rev Khaliah Kinkead Dawkins 200620  :: Letter from House of Bishops on Racism 200608 :: Survival as Mission 200605 :: Be Ye Kind 200529 :: Bishop's Writings and Updates Various

Anglican Life

Newspaper of the Three Anglican Dioceses in Newfoundland and Labrador:  June 2020 


eMail Update Campaign

We are continuing to be innovative in our attempts to maintain contact with our Parishioners.  One of the most immediate ways to get a message out is via email, which today is frequently used by people of all ages.  We are currently updating our current email list, and to add the many Parishioners for whom we do not currently have an email address.  Towards that end, we will be calling Parishioners, and for those who are willing to be contacted via email, we will solicit your details.  To help with this process, we invite you to fill in the comment form at the bottom of this page.