eGiving is often referred to by many names including Electronic Giving, Auto Debit, Direct Deposit, etc..  It is a simple and easy method for Parishioners to provide regular financial support to their Church, even when you are unable to attend. It’s like using your debit card, except you don’t have to carry the card with you. You have two easy options: Complete the online form below, or download a printable copy External link opens in new tab or windowhere.  The online form below is completed as soon has you click the SUBMIT button.  When you complete the printable downloaded form, please deposit it in our drop-box located to the left of the main entrance to our Parish Hall.  If you wish, you may continue to receive your traditional boxed offertory envelopes for those times when attending Church, or if you would like to give that something extra - such as Christmas, Easter, and special Memoriams, or maybe for other special items such as the Cemetery Fund, the Capital Fund, the Building Maintenance Fund, the Foodbank, PWRDF, etc...


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