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Father's Day Memorials

Father's Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June, but it is also celebrated widely on other days. Father's Day was created to complement Mother's Day, a celebration that honors mothers and motherhood.


2013 FATHER'S DAY Memorials to the Flower Fund, the Cemetery Fund, Church Renovation Fund, the Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, Common Prayer & Common Praise Books, and the General Fund of All Saints have been given to the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of:

Ernest John Fagan - by Randy & Bradley Fagan

Ernest Caines - by Dorcas & Cyril Dooley

Noah Porter & Sebastian Farrell - by Aura, Jerry and family

Warwick Tilley, Edward Bussey & Gerald Woodland - by Ed, Kathleen and Grace Woodland

Edward Bussey - by Elizabeth, Jim, Jim Jr. and Justin Tilley

Warwick Tilley- by Jim, Betty, Jim Jr. and Justin Tilley

Wilson Porter - by Steve & Lucas Porter

Jim Ryan - by Agnes and family

Herbert Weir & Chesley Tilley by - Barb, Robert and family

Uriah Butler & Robert Tilley - by Barb, Robert and family

Joseph Rideout & Llewellyn Fitzgerald - by Dinah & Cyril Fitzgerald

Robert, Kevin & Herbert Petten & Matthew Greeley - by Violet Petten

Robert, Kevin Petten & other loved one - by Juanita Petten

Chesley Batten, Alfred Taylor Jr. - by Graham & Sandra Taylor

Chesley Batten, James J. Batten, George Dawe & Thomas Batten - by Julia Batten

William Rideout (Long Pond) - by 3 sons and 6 daughters

Jim Eason - by daughters Betty, Debbie & Cassie

Fred Butler - by Jackie, Robin, Maureen, Ian & families

Phillip Butler, Roy Greeley & Fred Butler - by Nina Butler

Andrew Hamilton - by Cyril, Maureen & families

William John Butler & Chesley Batten - by Don & Louise Batten

Warwick Tilley - by Kathleen & Jim Baird

Hubert Weir & Albert Rideout - by Edith Rideout

Joseph Dawe- by Lena, Joey, Jackie, Hunter, Andrew, Alice, Darrell, Rebecca, Mitchell, Kyle & Shawn

James Power & Harvey Dawe - by Lena

Noah Porter & Robert Haines, Brothers Bill, Bob, Fred & Max Haines - by Enid and Gordon Haines

David Belbin - by daughter Samantha & Parents, Joyce & Fred Belbin

George Butler - by Dallas Butler

Warwick Tilley- by daughter Janet Andrews

Maxwell Tilley, Robert Haines Sr. & Robert S. Haines - by the family

Victor Jefford - by wife Lillian, 2 sons & 1 daughter, grandchildren and great grandchildren

Douglas Butler - by Hilda , Jeff & Tina

Wilson Rideout, Apollos Rideout & Paul Parsons - by Barb and family

Junior Cable, George Peach Sr., William J. Fagan & Chesley Cable - by George & Sharon Peach

Edward Bussey - by Ken, Loretta, Kendra and Kayla Scott

Chesley Scott - by Ken, Loretta, Kendra and Kayla Scott

Nicholas Petten - by Florence & family

Samuel Peach - by Ida Elizabeth Peach & Shirley Tippett

Robert (Bobby) Fagan, Reginald and Tony Bishop - by Alva & Hattie Bishop

Peter Bussey & Thomas Batten - by Fred & Ella Batten

Samuel Peach & Arthur Watton- by Cyril & Helen Watton

Samuel Peach & Albert James Butler - by David & Barbara Butler

Robert (Bobby) Fagan - by wife Margaret

Peter Bussey & William H. Dodge - by Eric & Amy Dodge

Douglas Butler - by daughter Elizabeth & family

George A. Taylor & Eddie Jim Delaney - by Reg & Betty Taylor


Did You Know...

When it was time for the bell to be put in the new church, our dad, Noah Porter, transferred the bell by horse and skerrie from the old church situated on Church Road to it's new location where it sits today. He was only about 15 years old at the time. - submitted by Noah Porter's children


When my great-great-grandfather passed away in 1895, there was no Anglican Cemetery in Upper Gullies. Cemetery #1 on Church Road was open and his casket was brought down in a dory to Foxtrap and the mourners walked the beach to participate in the burial. - Cal Taylor


A labour of love by young women of the Church! - Rachel Tilley and Jessie Petten would walk out to the Church on Church Road to clean the boards floors: she remembers it as a fun time. They would fetch the water from next door.


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All Saints Anglican Church Foxtrap, Conception Bay South Newfoundland
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